Dicht bij jezelf blijven. Dat is jouw pure zelf zijn.


Your own business. But how?

Yes, that’s exactly what’s crossing my mind sometimes. And still, the basis is: it feels so good to have my own business!
However, you go down so many times. Times and times again you go down.

Another idea, throwing out another line, another possibility. And often enough, say about 90% of the time, maybe even 99% of the time, it doesn’t work out as I had wished for. Another disappointment.

Yeah, your own business. But how?

Maybe it’s just the same as applying for a job. Keep on trying, until you find the one. Or like dating; when do you find the right click?

And continuing, persevering, and keep on going. Then I think of others that went down the same road. How often has Walt Disney gone bankrupt? How often did J.K. Rowling send her book to publishers? Keep going and have trust, until you do make it.

As long as your basis is right: your passion. That what you’re doing, fulfills you. And that’s what I’m sure about, that is 100% of the time the case.

“It’s not about the times you fall. It’s all about how you get up every time you fall.”

And once, a long time ago, I received a very wise advice. During one of my backpack trips, in a pre-covid-time, I had a long transfer on an airport somewhere far away from here. I started talking with an older man, an entrepreneur. I never forgot what he had told me: “When having your own business, it’s not about the times you fall. It’s all about how you get up every time you fall.” A sentence that I’ve always remembered. And from which I draw so much strength right now. Maybe that’s the reason it has stuck with me ever since.

To that I add myself: “Count your blessings”. Consciously celebrating every time when I bring in a success, and to enjoy that milestone. Like this week; two new coachees. Wow. Very much looking forward to that.

“En to that I add myself: ‘Count your blessings’.”

Precisely because of falling, and learning from it, I get up in a better way every time. And I notice, when I focus on these “blessings”, that it secretly just works out!


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